​Superior Surround Sound with Natural Fair Weather Field Stress Reducer

Superior Surround Sound Headphones

The SFERICS-HEADPHONE SH-S1 produces a very transparent sound true to tone colors that is on the same level of the sound of electrostatic headphones.

​Exclusive Fair-​Weather Field Addition

A patented fair-weather field is also transmitted in the background. This sound cannot be heard, but it cancels out EMF signals from mobile phones and other electronics.

This surrounds the user with a feeling of relaxation and well-being.

​These headphones are favorites of sound engineers and studio personnel who spend hours every day on editing and listening to detailed audio. The special fair-weather signal stimulates a feeling of calm and well-being and covers the user in a EMF blocking field. 

​Color Choices

​The SFERICS HEADPHONE SH-S1 is available in black or white or in the color combinations gold / black, dark red / black and blue / black.

​Purchase Price

​EU ​290 + VAT and Shipping

  • ​1 Headphone
  • check
    Li-Ion Battery
  • check
    1.5 " jack cable ​for connection to analog sound source
  • check
    6.3 gold plug adapter (mini jack)
  • check
    Charging cable with USB plug
  • ​Manual

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